pkmncoordinators got me thinking about crying Paul, and I had to write crying Paul. And the only way that I can imagine Paul crying is if something happened to his daughter.

I took a couple liberties with Paul’s team, and a lot of this is introspection into my ikarishipping fanchild, but this is the first quality thing I’ve written in a while.

(say hello to my ikarishipping fankid, internet.)

A little under 3000 words. Not short.

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ikarishipping day was yesterday and i’m late but here’s this doodle
i’m still in love with pokeani (don’t look at me)


ikarishipping day was yesterday and i’m late but here’s this doodle

i’m still in love with pokeani (don’t look at me)

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I like to think that when Dawn gets pregnant, Paul understandably has a bit of a freak-out.

For some reason it makes him think a lot about his old Chimchar. It makes him feel kind of conflicted and upset, and he wonders if his training style might extend to his parenting style - and result in anxious, stunted children because he’s too harsh on them. You can’t just release a baby into the wild if it doesn’t meet your expectations (or at least you probably shouldn’t, he notes).

He goes off for regular walks by himself to try and clear his head, often through tall grass so he can have a look for Pokemon while he’s at it.
On one of these walks, he’s aware of being followed - and turns around to find a tiny Happiny hiding behind a tree, watching him curiously. Initially he doesn’t give it a second thought, and keeps walking. He knows the Chansey evolutionary line is useless for competitive battling with its low attack stats. It soon becomes apparent however that the Happiny has injured its foot and was looking for help.

Against his better judgement, Paul stops to help the baby Pokemon. The problem was simple - a rock lodged underneath it’s foot - so Paul assisted it and then went to leave. The Happiny stumbled after him cheerfully and Paul turned back around to see it holding out its little white stone for him.
Even Paul was a little touched by this gesture, and then he realised what it was doing. Happiny wanted to be his Pokemon.

Almost mindlessly and without taking his eyes off Happiny, Paul produces a pokeball and gently taps Happiny’s head with it to make the capture. After a moment, the ball chimed, and he knew Happiny was his. 
Paul’s hand hesitated over his Pokedex, but he thought better of it. He didn’t care what moves Happiny had, he was going to raise it regardless.

If he was going to be a father, he rationalised, he better get some practice in for it now.

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Welcome on IKARILICIOUS ! ~ A blog dedicated to the coupling of Shinji/Paul and Hikari/Dawn from the anime Pokemon ! Enjoy the ikarigoodness ♥


"When one life meets another life something will be born"
- Shinji/Paul , DP50 : Tag! We’re it…!