I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one

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The Only Exception // Cover by ?

by Marga M.

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Candy // Robbie Williams

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Anonymous: Do you have any sweet/sad Ikari headcanons?


Ooh! Wow I hardly get any asks like these! Thanks! =D


  • Although Paul enjoys being the Sinnoh Champion, and is more than proud of Dawn for her own achievements, he’s not one for all the attention and fame and grows extremely stressed out by it. If he’s having a really stressful day, or if either one are constantly being hounded by the press and the League, he will sometimes snap at Dawn out of anger, even if she asked him an innocent question. He immediately feels horrible about his behavior though, and apologizes, to which she readily accepts because she knows exactly how he can be. 
  • I’ve never really thought of a specific situation for this, but I’d imagine that if Reggie were ever to get in an accident and get badly hurt, to the point of it being considered fatal, Paul would be extremely distraught but only show his emotions in front of Dawn. I don’t think he would cry or anything, but it would be really…eye-opening for her to even hear his voice waver a bit, or his eyes water, and the like. He’s extremely good at keeping these emotions to himself in the presence of everyone else, though. 


  • In takes a little bit of time, but Paul’s pokemon grow to adore Dawn and her own team. The bigger ones, especially Drapion, Magmortor and Aggron are especially protective of Buneary and Pachirisu (though they both could hold their own, but still). Torterra is probably the closest to Dawn, being that she’s connected to Ash and remembers how friendly they were to him when he helped out Ash’s Grotle. 
  • When the annual Hearthome Collection event rolls around, Dawn will sometimes snuggle up to Paul on the couch a couple of nights beforehand and have him look at her sketches from a male’s and seasoned champion’s point-of-view. Occasionally he’ll point out that a few might be too flashy or don’t focus enough on the pokemon themselves, and as much as Dawn might get a little discouraged or anxious about his comments, she appreciates them and knows he’s only giving objective constructive criticism. 
  • I kinda cheated here because I’ve adopted this from a fanfic, but even into young adulthood, Dawn still likes sleeping with her stuffed poképlushies. When they first move in to their apartment and settle down to bed on the first night, Paul notices a few plushies on her side of the bed and can’t stop laughing into his pillow. She grows really offended at this and chucks a few of the plushies at his head, and from that point on, he never says anything about them again. 

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Welcome on IKARILICIOUS ! ~ A blog dedicated to the coupling of Shinji/Paul and Hikari/Dawn from the anime Pokemon ! Enjoy the ikarigoodness ♥


"When one life meets another life something will be born"
- Shinji/Paul , DP50 : Tag! We’re it…!