I managed to write ikarishipping that’s not about my fanchild hooray me

I won’t rest until I’ve slowly improved the quality of ikari fics one at a time. So, since the last few things that I wrote were kinda sad, have a little ikari first kiss drabble! I’d call it fluff, but Paul doesn’t really do fluff that well. Despite being pretty sweet, Paul’s still in character so it’s not super gooey or anything. 


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pkmncoordinators got me thinking about crying Paul, and I had to write crying Paul. And the only way that I can imagine Paul crying is if something happened to his daughter.

I took a couple liberties with Paul’s team, and a lot of this is introspection into my ikarishipping fanchild, but this is the first quality thing I’ve written in a while.

(say hello to my ikarishipping fankid, internet.)

A little under 3000 words. Not short.

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candydness: Hi! sorry to bother you again but would you recommend me some ikarishipping fanfics? (*^▽^*)

Sure !

These are my personal favorites and good reads to get into the IkariDay mood :)

If you want more suggestions you can check the fanfic tag on this blog or the list under “Fanworks” in the Ikari Fanclub of serebiiforums.

Mommy and Daddy by 30-Nights

It’s a sweet story about Dawn and Paul having to nurse a recently hatched Riolu that thinks they’re his parents.

Lady Marmalade : Sweet Sweet Revenge by HarvestGirl10

Maybe one of the most acclaimed ikari fanfictions on, a must-read !

Diamond and Pearl by the biggest ikarishipping fan

A classic. She’s the most prolific of ikari writers, check out her other stories you won’t regret it :)

Fit to Buss by MissBesanii

A darker take on Ikari, the author is a very dedicated ikarishipping writer and vidder, her youtube name is BesaniiChan ~

And my all-time favourite ikarishipping fanfic, probably because it was the first I ever read x3 It’s been stopped and rewritten so there’s no real plot but what I like is that it’s realistic and portrays well what this couple would actually be without all the fluffl.

An Ikarishipping fic by anonymouswritermm

Geez reading these again brings back my inner teenage ikari fangirl from the grave :’3

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Ikarishipping Week - Day 1 - Opposites Attract 


She thinks of all the people she’ll miss now that the Pokemon League has come and gone, and Paul keeps inexplicably making his way onto the list in her mind.

Sure, they never really got along - he couldn’t even remember her name - but she feels like her life is missing something without him….

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Welcome on IKARILICIOUS ! ~ A blog dedicated to the coupling of Shinji/Paul and Hikari/Dawn from the anime Pokemon ! Enjoy the ikarigoodness ♥


"When one life meets another life something will be born"
- Shinji/Paul , DP50 : Tag! We’re it…!